Saturday, July 15, 2006

Wade, LeBron and Bosh: The East is good

Dwayne Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh are staying in the Eastern Conference for at least the next three years.

Good news for the NBA.

After the balance of power was clearly leaning West in recent years, the East has won two of the last three titles and now appears to have the league's top young talent.

LeBron and D-Wade look set to wage some epic battles in the Eastern Finals for years to come, and following the moves Bryan Colangelo has made in his first summer on the job as Toronto GM, the Raptors may have something brewing north of the border (not now, but soon...Bosh is that good).

Also, in Orlando, a very quiet young stud is developing a monster game. He is Dwight Howard, and he is coming faster than you think.

Beware of the East. There is some scary young talent locked into some pretty good franchises.

The balance of power may have shifted for good.

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Anonymous said...

Nice Blog!! You are smart enough to recognize where the talent resides! Keep writing about exciting guys like Wade and LeBron and I will keep reading! Bosh is OK, just not quite in the same league as the other two.