Thursday, December 28, 2006

Let's get caught up

I've embarked on a little holiday vacation with the family, and the big news that I keep reading about is that the Clippers and Kings are talking seriously about a Corey Maggette for Ron Artest swap. Sure they are.

The Clippers need some serious help, but turning to Ron Artest in desperation is not the route I would go. You're telling me that Artest coupled with Sam Cassell, Tim Thomas and the always bizarre Chris Kaman is going to make for a winning combination? Uh, alright.

Speaking of Kaman, was anyone else totally shocked that he cut his hair? I couldn't believe it.

Elsewhere, injuries are really taking over the 2006 season. Yao Ming goes down right as Tracy McGrady is getting healthy. Dwayne Wade sprains his wrist last night in Chicago. Rashard Lewis goes down for the Sonics right as Ray Allen is coming back. The entire Hornets roster. Too bad.

How about Gilbert Arenas and the Wizards? First place with a bullet. Arenas is making a pretty strong case for an All-Star bid, and I can only imagine how motivated he'll be if he is snubbed. Let's hope he makes the team, because otherwise he's going to shoot for a 100 point game.

Oh, and don't look now but the Knicks are a game out of first place. That playoff bandwagon might be starting up again.

Is Lawrence Frank about one more week away from a complete and total meltdown? He seems to be losing it from what I have seen.

That's enough rambling for now. I'll be back with much more frequent updating in 2007. Have a happy new year everyone!!

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