Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bulls/Pistons reax

This one is really simple.

Prince + Chauncey= Good

Deng + Gordon = Not good

Billups and Prince played absolutely fantastic basketball in the second half. If Billups leaves Detroit in the offseason, it will be one million times more devastating to the franchise than Ben Wallace leaving.

I can't remember seeing the Pistons play this well (let's just forget that first half). The way they're playing, they could run the table in the East.

This series is obviously over, and the Bulls will join the boatload of teams looking for an answer in the reloading process during the summer. I hope the ping pong balls fall their way.


Jared said...


Prince on the detroit pistons is awful and you know that Ben Gordon is better then Prince. Prince can't make shot right now if his life depended on it. Ben Gordon can nail the three ball or take it inside and put in an easy layup

The pistons have been together longer give the bulls a couple of years and the bulls will beat them easaly!

Nothing But Nylon said...
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Nothing But Nylon said...


This was merely a discussion of game three of the series.

Tayshaun couldn't miss and Ben Gordon couldn't buy a basket.

Your comments are completely correct if we're viewing this as an overall assessment of their games.

Thanks for reading!!