Monday, September 04, 2006

Computer crashes and America tanks

Take that...uh...America.


It's all anti-climactic now as sadly I owe Chris Sheridan an apology. He's smart and I'm not.

If you want to live in the best basketball country in the world then it's time to move to Spain.

Why is the pick and roll so hard to defend for Americans? Lazy defense? Bad coaching?

Congrats to Spain, props to Greece, and a hardy kudos to the United States for finishing third. Just wait until Kobe joins the fun.

We're back hopefully (I've switched to a Mac, so no more crashing allegedly) with a big season preview starting in October.

Tell your friends.


your wife said...

Does that mean we can move to Spain?! VIVA BASQUETBOL!

Anonymous said...

I am with the wife on this one. Let's move to Spain.

But, only if we could take Vladimir Radminovich because I think that is where he is from.

I'll sign off as anonymous but I hope that you can come down south to the Northside on Saturday evening.

If you can't watch a specific game, 'gamekeepers' is a block away and I can go with you there to watch it.

Anonymous (Husband to Meaghan Nelson, Art Specialist at Romona Elementary)

JFKuz said...

We're not moving to Spain EVER and I am totally in for fun if the Ohio State/Texas game is a part of the festivities.

One response to two posts. That's how we make things happen.

mike d said...

welcome to the apple family, it is great to have you.

p.s. if you move to Spain can I have your Northwestern tickets??
Can you say Illini vs. NU big ten championship?!?!?!