Wednesday, August 30, 2006

USA 85, Germany 65

Take that Germany!


They didn't shoot well, but when they needed to make some plays, they did.

So goes the story of this tournament for the United States.

They won by 20. Had they made 25% more threes, they would have won by 50.

Doubters will say that this proves they're vulnerable, that they don't know how to win a close game and that they won't be able to stop a good international team like Spain or Argentina.

Maybe those "insiders" are right. They watch a lot more of this tournament than I do.

However, if I were one of those nations, I'd be wondering how I can keep the United States from having one breakout quarter. It's that one quarter that has done in every team that's tried to take the U.S. down, and with this much depth and this much talent, I think it's going to be mighty hard to keep them from getting off on a big run.

Now it's time to play with the big boys. We'll see if the United States has what it takes. I'm thinking that they do.

Bring on Greece!!

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