Saturday, August 26, 2006

Utah Illini no more?

Steve Luhm of the Salt Lake Tribune:

Only six weeks to the start of NBA training camps. Will second-round draft pick Dee Brown be in Boise, where the Jazz will once again go to get ready for the season?

No, I'm guessing.

Brown is the second-round pick out of Illinois who is being asked to make the difficult transformation from collegiate shooting guard to professional point guard.

While Brown had some eye-opening moments during the Rocky Mountain Revue summer league — mostly because of the range on his jump shot — his play was generally disappointing.

He had a difficult time keeping other point guards from penetrating, and he seemed uncomfortable in the role of primary ballhandler.

Unlike their other second-round pick, Louisiana Tech forward Paul Millsap, the Jazz have not signed Brown to a contract.

I don't think they will, either.

Brown probably wants some guaranteed money that, right now, the Jazz are unwilling to give.

While Brown obviously wants to play in the NBA, he might have to go overseas to get a guaranteed contract.

At the same time, he could get a chance to perfect his point guard skills, perhaps setting himself up for an improved chance to stick in the NBA in a couple of years.

Do you hear the crying? That would be NBA League Pass executives who were banking on the millions of University of Illinois fans purchasing their product to watch the reunion of Deron Williams and Dee Brown.

There was just one problem with the plan. Dee Brown's not an NBA caliber player. He's fast. He makes some 3's. That's about it.

Where will he get minutes among these guards: Deron Williams, Derek Fisher, Matt Harpring, 1st-round pick Ronnie Brewer, and Gordon Giricek?

I would be concerned right now if I were Brown.

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SS said...

You would be concerned right now if you were Dee Brown because that would mean that you aren't a very good basketball player. Some types of players can be very good college players and very average or poor NBA players. Dee Brown is one of those guys. Doesn't do anything well except run fast. He is a smaller, not as-good shooting version of Eddie House. That doesn't say much for his chances of sticking in the league.