Tuesday, August 22, 2006

USA 114, Slovenia 95

Take that Slovenia!!!


Ho hum, another lopsided win that doesn't seem that lopsided if you're only looking at the final score.

Rule of thumb in my household is when the deficit reaches 30, I start fastforwarding (God bless the DVR! I have no idea how television was watched before this beautiful invention.) Let's just say there was a lot of fastforwarding.

The second quarter seems to be the swing quarter so far for the United States. They added 14 points to their lead during that quarter in this game, and it was in large part due to Dwayne Wade's monster first half.

Chris Paul's assists to turnovers after 3 games: 26 to 3. That's unreal.

Thanks to the beauty of the DVR, I get to watch these games that start at a truly ungodly hour, but the best part is listening to Jim Durham and Fran Fraschilla announce from Bristol at 6:30am. Here was a classic exchange from today's game:

FF: This could be the golden age of USA basketball because our best young players play the game the right way. You look at Wade, LeBron, Anthony, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard...you throw Greg Oden in there, the great young center going to Ohio State...

JD: Kobe Bryant.

Uh, JD, maybe it's the early morning hour or maybe it's that you're watching the game just like I am and announcing it, but who in their right mind would argue that Kobe Bryant plays the game the right way? I mean, seriously, that's ridiculous. He plays the game amazingly well, sure, but "the right way" in the Larry Brown sense of the phrase? No. Sorry.

Bring on Italy!!

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