Tuesday, August 15, 2006

USA 116, Korea 63

I almost feel bad even bothering, but it's tradition at this point.

Take that Korea!!!


Was that the Globetrotters against the Generals? The Rookies vs the Sophomores?

Plain and simple, that got ugly in a hurry for Korea. No surprise that they didn't qualify for the Worlds.

Bill Walton made this hilariously entertaining. Apparently, Korean officials have never seen this Dwayne Wade play basketball since all of the crossing over and spinning has them blowing their whistles constantly. I wasn't aware of this until Bill pointed it out 100 times in the first quarter.

Just a silly tuneup for the US, and now Coach K will need to make a roster move before the 19th. It sure seems as though Bruce Bowen is the odd man out which is a shame since he finally scored a bucket.

Bring on Puerto Rico...again!


Anonymous said...

Bruce Bowen stays on the team. Yeah, I know, he's not playing much. But they don't need him yet. They should keep him just in case they need someone to actually check a guy like Ginobili if things get tight. Cut Shane Battier, he does the same things as four other guys on the team - just not as well. Don't know if Coach K would cut one of his former guys, though.

SS said...

Another lopsided win for the US. But I have to say that I believe that this actually should matter again! This team represents the new guard in the NBA. And for those people who have tuned out Team USA after the last couple of debacles, I have to say that this team is FUN TO WATCH! They have turned over the team to the best young players in the NBA. And most importantly, everyone on the team is likeable enough to root for. No ugly Americans. The closest anyone comes to someone that you could dislike would maybe be Brad Miller (a little pouty and whiny) or Gilbert Arenas (decent guy but a gunner and a little selfish on the court). But I am really reaching here. It is fun to watch these guys rack up 40 point wins. And these 'boring' wins should matter because these guys are going to be hanging around the league for quite a while. Team USA is back.