Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kobe suspended; Eddie Jones waived

Kobe Bryant has been suspended for tonight's game in New York for striking Manu Ginobili across the face in Sunday's loss to San Antonio.


There is simply no way that was intentional. How can a player be suspended for an accidental elbow that happens in the midst of hoisting a potential game-winning shot with 2.7 seconds left in regulation?

I'm baffled by this one. Can the NBA reverse a ruling on the same day said ruling comes out? Is there anything remotely close to this in the history of NBA suspensions?

Nice to see Knicks fans get cheated out of seeing Bryant during his only trip to the Big Apple this year. As if things weren't going bad enough for them.

Also, Eddie Jones is a free man. Am I alone in thinking he might be a huge help to the Bulls backcourt come playoff time?


Anonymous said...

I've always been an Eddie Jones fan. The Bulls would be lucky to get him.

As for Kobe...WHAT? There wasn't even a foul called on the play! Gimme a break

Anonymous said...

Same play happened when Brian Cook hit Jefferies at the conclusion of the Knicks game. No way he gets suspended.

Eddie Jones is a lock to go Miami