Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What in the blue hell is happening in Miami?

This has been quite the little day for the Miami Heat franchise.

First, Pat Riley decided to shut things down for an undetermined amount of time to take care of some knee and hip problems. I can't say I really blame him. He can't cure the pain of watching the team play defense, so why not solve the pain that is easily fixed?

However, the big news of the night is that James Posey and Antoine Walker have been deactivated for their body fat being too high. Not their weight, their body fat!

Ira Winderman of the South Florida Sun-Sentinal has the entire story here.

The news obviously didn't make the players or the union too happy.

On the other hand, this story makes me SO happy. I haven't seen a defending champion have problems like this since the Pittsburgh Steelers of 2006.

If I'm Dwayne Wade or Shaq, I may claim that my injury is lingering a little longer than I expected. I wish Ron Rothstein the best of luck with this mess.

Big props to my man Steve for alerting me to this news. He also asks a great question--what ever happened to Stan Van Gundy anyway? Wouldn't this have been a good time for him to come out of hiding?


ss said...

If you're Stan Van Gundy, do you want to come out of hiding. This was a weird situation from the beginning with SVG, and it still doesn't make sense. But Stan is in hiding, getting paid. Would you want to deal with this mess. Thanks, Riles!

jb said...

Is this body fat thing the REAL reason why Shaq is out of action? Michael Sweetney better hope that the Bulls don't get the same idea.

Maybe Stan was a victim of this team rule as well? He's not exactly a physical specimen. Conspiracy theories abound.