Saturday, November 11, 2006

LeBron leads wild comeback

There's an ancient theory that NBA fans don't need to watch games until the last two minutes of a game.

Well, if you subscribed to that theory tonight, you missed an amazing comeback by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Their opponent, the dreadful Boston Celtics, had everything working for them through three quarters. They held a 76-60 lead even without Wally Szczerbiak and Theo Ratliff. Nothing made sense in this game, as Paul Pierce had zero points in the first half, yet his team went on not one, but two 11-0 runs in the half.

But the Celtics forgot to show up for the fourth quarter.

LeBron took over. He finished with 38 points, but more importantly, he invited his teammates on his back for a classic comeback. Sasha Pavlovic nailed two big 3s along the way to assist.

I saw the Cavs dismantle the Bulls on Thursday night, and now, after seeing this tonight, I'm convinced they're ready to go on a major tear.

The league has always feared a killer instinct in LeBron James. He showed it tonight, and with the Cavs sitting at 4-2 looking at New York, Portland, Minnesota, Washington, Memphis and Toronto next, this comeback could be the spark of something they never look back from.

Elsewhere, Dwight Howard went nuts tonight for 21 points and 22 rebounds. He did it against Kevin Garnett for much of the night. Wow.

Things are starting to become normal again in the NBA. Thank goodness.

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#1 Fan of Robert Swift said...

They are normal only because the Sonics are back on the winning track. New Jersey, the 76ers and then the Sonics will test the upstart Jazz on their own terms and on their own court. I am predicting a 107 - 64 score in favor of the Sonics.