Monday, November 06, 2006

Nellie gets over in return to Big D

A bit of the wild and wacky in Dallas on Monday night. If only Marv Albert had been there!

First, Don Nelson and his Golden State Warriors were successful in Nellie's first game back in Dallas with a 107-104 victory. The mood was very friendly, at least from Mavericks fans, who greated Nelson with a standing ovation.

However, Mark Cuban seemed to have a different opinion if you are to believe what Mark Heisler wrote in the L.A. Times over the weekend. That is awesome. You have to love Cuban saying there is no grudge. OK, Mark.

Meanwhile, Avery Johnson didn't stick around for the entire reunion, getting himself tossed in the second quarter. Worse news for the Mavs is that Josh Howard left the game with what is being called an ankle sprain. Howard is a guy the Mavs can't afford to lose for very long, especially now that they're off to an 0-3 start.

Elsewhere, San Antonio held off the Knicks late charge to win in the Garden. The Knicks playoff bandwagon is pretty light right now.

The Bulls got a huge night from Ben Gordon en route to a 110-85 win at home over Milwaukee. Gordon made 15 of 25 shots for 37 points. That's a lot of shots for Ben Gordon. If the Bulls are going to live and die with Gordon's shooting, this is going to be a seesaw year for sure.

Carlos Arroyo sparked Orlando's victory over Washington. I'm still waiting for the dominant Dwight Howard to return. Where has he gone? Nice win for the Magic.

And in Utah, the Jazz move to 4-0 with a big time 103-101 win over the Pistons. Great finish as Rip Hamilton tried to tie the game with a lay-up, but Mehmet Okur and Andrei Kirilenko rejected it as time expired. Utah, Philadelphia and New Orleans are still the only unbeatens in the league.

One question regarding the fans in Utah: Is it possible to give them technicals under the new "no whining to the officials" policy? I'm just asking.


jb said...

Interesting to note...due to the new Sheed rule, Detroit had three techs and lost by 2 points. It's a nice idea in theory to limit complaining, but in the opening week it's pretty obvious that the refs have trouble applying it evenly to all players.

What anti-Piston rule will Stern put in place next year? Last year he put in the rules to promote offense (and limit Detroit's defensive-focused game). This year it's the Sheed rule. Is he going to make it illegal to wear plastic facemasks next year? Will he prohibit little white kids from going bananas in the stands?

mikeybooyah said...

Everyone needs to get on the Utah Jazz bandwagon immediately. They will lose 1 game, just like the 05' Illini run to the Championship.

#1 Fan of Robert Swift said...

Ain't no Jazz bandwagon to get on. You bring that JAZZ to the Key and we will prevail.

The Sonics have lulled the NBA to a certain sleep while quietly discovering the keys to victory under the guise of a loss.

Fortson is better than most and most are not as well as Fortson.