Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Fast Breaks: 10/18/06

A couple of fantastic things happening that I must update you on.

1) If you have not read Isiah Thomas blast ESPN's Greg Anthony on, you must do so immediately.

Isiah OWNS Greg Anthony

I would pick out my favorite part, but everything he said is so great that I can't pick just one. If you questioned whether this Knicks season was going to be awesome, you have no idea the fun we're about to encounter.

2) I watched two preseason games in their entirety (Bulls vs Sonics on Sunday, Lakers vs Kings last night), and I saw about 4,000 total turnovers. These games are BRUTAL. There is nothing more pointless than watching the preseason.

3) This goes out to my Sonics fans. I don't know where all the anger is coming from about the predictions, but I'm telling you right now you've displaced it. The new Sports Illustrated is out, and they've ranked your team 14th in the West. That's harsh and a little silly. I think they'll make a playoff run. Also, whoever started the "I like Robert Swift" blog is a good, good person. Thank you for that.

4) There's a lot of buzz about Rajon Rondo. The reason? Perhaps this is an example.

Now, play nice kids.


Awam said...

Two shout outs for Sports Illustrated. I like what you see.

Out here in Knicksland, a storm is brewing. Now that Jared Jefferies is hurt, the knicks have a built in defensive excuse.

I agree with you about watching NBA preseason. I tried watching the Knicks against the Celtics but couldn't take it much longer before I switched over to baseball.

But in the few minutes I watched, it didn't seem the new NBA basketball was that big a deal.

Lets get this season started already.

mikeybooyah said...

Seattle should lose their team. End of story.