Monday, October 30, 2006

Fast Breaks 10/30/06

Here are some quick thoughts on the eve of the season:

1) What a great doubleheader to start the year. Chicago vs Miami is the perfect way to kick things off as the Champs get their rings and then immediately are forced to deal with one of the most hyped teams in the East. We'll see what Ben Wallace brings to Chicago and whether he's the missing link in stopping Shaq. The perception around Chicago is that Dwayne Wade sucks against the Bulls. We'll see.

2) OK, it's time to admit something to you people. I love the Lakers. Always have and always will. So, needless to say, I'm fired up to watch them take on the Suns. Will Kobe play? No one seems to know. Will Amare be fine coming off the bench in Phoenix? No one knows. I'm a little nervous about my Suns pick right now, but I'm way more nervous about my Lakers pick considering the injury situation.

3) The Lakers are going against the grain of the rest of the league and actually making the game the focus in the arena. Seriously. I can't wait to see what this looks like.

4) Good for the Magic and the NBA for banning the idiot racist. I would have let Dikembe Mutumbo dunk on him repeatly while swinging elbows too.

The votes are in and here are the teams we'll be covering regularly, in no particular order:

Lakers, Bulls, Magic, Heat, Hornets, Jazz, Suns and Knicks.

I'm going to add the Sonics, Clippers and Celtics to the list too, but honestly, I'm going to have opinions on everything.

Back tomorrow for the doubleheader.

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SS said...

Interesting to see what this Lakers concept entails. It doesn't say anything about blaring music while play is going on. And does this apply to stupid skits on the video boards? The dancers will still be there, right? Should be fun. Less than 24 hours until tip off - let's play some hoops!