Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Live Blogging: Bulls at Heat (2nd Half)


Bulls fans are rightfully geeked over at Blog-a-Bull right now. There’s even weeping happening. Thanks to Matt for the mention.

If you watched any Heat games last year, you know how many comebacks D-Wade led them on. I don’t see it happening here, but I thought I should bring it up.


Pat Riley told the team that they’re getting out hustled at the half. Do you think so, Pat?

One thing very noticeable in the first half was how different these teams are when it comes to depth. The Bulls seem to go a legit 12 deep. The Heat seems to go 1 deep.

If Miami is going to come back, they should probably guard Kirk Hinrich. He hits another from long range. That gives him 20 points on 8-14 shooting.

Ben Wallace slams home a Hinrich miss. This is complete domination on both ends of the floor.

Hinrich hits another three off of great ball movement. Brilliant signing by John Paxson!

Meanwhile, Walker just missed another three. Seriously, no one can tell him to stop? Didn’t he learn from the postseason? Why does this always happen?

So, we’re less than an hour from Suns vs. Lakers. That should be fun.

I’m hopeful this blowout leads to extended time for Tyrus Thomas, Thabo Sefolosha, Jason Kapono and Dorell Wright.

Shaq has been incredibly quiet tonight. He’s got 6 points and 5 rebounds. Has Ben Wallace taken him out of the game or is he out of shape again? If you answered yes, you win.

Dwayne Wade just switched his shot 5 times while in the air and made a lay-up. He’s unreal.

Chris Duhon is on fire! No, really. He’s 6-7 from the field and 3-3 from behind the arc. When it’s going your way, it’s going your way.

The T-Mobile commercials with D-Wade and Charles Barkley are a little bit uncomfortable. I’m not quite sure what I’m supposed to think of them. Does the music choice want me to think romance? Let’s stop there.

Chris Duhon hits another bucket to put the Bulls up 80-51.

It’s garbage time, baby!!!!


Steve Kerr just made a great point. How is Pat Riley going to motivate this Heat team to play hard during the regular season? They won a title last year without caring at all until halfway through the Bulls series. That’s something to keep an eye on.

No Kobe tonight in the late game. Uh-oh.

Some bad news for the Bulls: Chris Duhon is done for the night with a bruised foot.

The Bulls bench holds a 36-5 advantage over their counterparts from the Heat. I’m trying to find an aspect of this game the Bulls haven’t totally dominated. I’m failing.

Tyrus Thomas is taking a beating out there. He just took an elbow to the head from James Posey. That looked nasty.

Can we go to the Staples Center now? The Bulls lead 89-59. The fans are flocking to the exits.

Thabo Sefolosha hits a nice jumper. I like his game a lot.

Garbage time is making me sleepy.

Sefolosha just fleeced Robert Hite and finished with a great dunk for the three-point play. Thabo is going to be an interesting player to watch this year. If he adapts to the NBA well, this is going to be a very scary team. The way they've played tonight, they may be scary without him.

It’s 100-66. The Bulls bench is now up to 49 points. That’s disgusting.

OK, now Barkley and D-Wade are in a father/son relationship thanks to T-Mobile. That spot is far more comfortable.


108-66 is the final. Nothing more needs to be said about this one. It was complete and total domination from the start of the second quarter on. The Bulls certainly lived up to the hype on opening night.

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