Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Playoff Predictions

Now that I’ve taken you through each division, I’m going to tell you exactly who is making the playoffs in each conference, and just to add total meaninglessness to the whole project, I’ll tell you who will win each series.

Trust me, this will be hilarious in June.

Eastern Conference Top 8

1. Miami
2. Cleveland
3. Chicago
4. New Jersey
5. Detroit
6. Washington
7. Indiana
8. Orlando

Western Conference Top 8

1. Dallas
2. Phoenix
3. San Antonio
4. Denver
5. Los Angeles Lakers
6. Sacramento
7. Houston
8. Los Angeles Clippers

First Round Playoffs

Miami over Orlando, Cleveland over Indiana, Chicago over Washington, Detroit over New Jersey

Dallas over Los Angeles Clippers, Phoenix over Houston, San Antonio over Sacramento, Los Angeles Lakers over Denver

Second Round Playoffs

Miami over Detroit, Cleveland over Chicago

Dallas over Los Angeles Lakers, Phoenix over San Antonio

Conference Finals

Miami over Cleveland
Phoenix over Dallas


Phoenix over Miami

Yep, Amare Stoudemire makes all the difference. I sure hope his knee is healthy.


jb said...

Nice job on the entire NBA preview. It's been a great read.

(Here's one person hoping for hilarity in June.)

Anonymous said...

The only factor missing from your Prediction is the 'Coach Hill-Supersonics Rule' factor. I know most people stuck on the east side of the Snake River no nothing of this factor but you will. YOU WILL.

His short tenure at San Antonio formed the basis for Timmy's rings and putting Shawn Kemp on his speed dial (as a weed connection) has added a supremely-cerebral element to his lineups. Lewis and Wilcox at the guard positions, Wilkins at center, Earl playing beside him at the blocks and Mr. Allen ranging with the 3-spot will undoubtedly be their opening night lineup.

Newsflash: Luke Ridnour traded to Vancouver's CFL Lions for a killer whale and an Okanogan Springs Pale Ale is branded best trade of the early season by David Stern.

Anonymous said...

Unreal. You seem to know a little about hoops, but I'm disappointed in your mediocre and safe blog. Let me ask you this. . .have you ever heard of Mouhamed Sene? Not only is he my cousin, but he's 7 feet tall and plays for the most underrated team in the west. . .Seattle Sonics! Not even in your top 8? WTF? Let me ask you this. . .have you ever heard of Damien Wilkins? Do you know whose cousin he is? Snap.

JFKuz said...

Sonics fans are starting to scare me a little.

Detlef said...

Would your blog be less mediocre if you gave a better prediction for the Sonics? I find it hard to answer that with a "yes".

You should've known better than to write a preview without researching whose cousins and offspring play for the Sonics.

For shame, jfkuz!

#1 Fan of Robert Swift said...


This is a new blog created in honor of Seattle Supersonic Center Robert Swift and his hair. Please take a minute to revel in the splendor of his fiery mane.

ss said...

Are you people serious? I think some Sonics fans are a little jacked up from too many lattes! Although I am impressed that more than two people care about this team. But Mouhamed Sene? I am sure that he is a wonderful cousin, but don't hold your breath for him to actually make a difference on the hardwood. And who cares about the cousin of Damien Wilkins?? I don't think that his cousin is going to drop 30 on anybody! But in the end, I am most impressed that there is an actual fan of Robert Swift. This just proves that there really is somebody out there for everyone, and Robert Swift now has a loyal following. How much to join the fan club? Way to represent, Sonics fans, and please let us know what you are putting in those coffees!